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Our Team

In our studio in the heart of Bangkok we have a truly international team of dynamic individuals who are focused on developing ideas that inspire, captivate and fascinate… after all communicating with people is what our business is all about. If you would like to contact our team, please click here.




After living, breathing and sleeping (including a few nightmares) in this business 24/7 for the past 34 years, every day is still a new challenge and a new experience… whether it’s internal, from a supplier or from a client.

What is critical is keeping clients’ expectations balanced while ensuring that the team is in focus and prepared for any eventuality… continually developing exciting, differentiated and fresh new ideas… and have a bit of fun on the way.


Executive Creative
Director & Partner

Being the ECD puts me in a unique position where I have the opportunity to get my hands dirty working on all the creative output for Shrimp Asia, and also interface with our clients on a daily basis. This enables me to not only produce the best creative results, but it keeps me aware and open to client driven needs.

To me, great design is not sacrosanct, if a concept doesn't serve a clients needs then it has failed. Ultimately the success of our business is dependent on the success of our clients businesses. Which is why I ensure our team is constantly developing the most creative work possible.


Creative Director

Some people around the office refer to me as the “Professor”… I guess that’s because I’ve been around so long! I was at Shrimp Asia from 1980~86 and then returned in 2000 after a short spell with the competition.

SA is home to me. I feel at ease and comfortable with the clients and the team around me, which allows me to develop good creative ideas in the areas in which I specialize… specifically branding, signage and industrial design.

Krungphol Wangtal

Art Director

Kla is a key member of the creative team and works hand in hand with our ECD Ben in developing all of the creative output of Shrimp Asia. His understanding of contemporary design and ability to think beyond the brief enable us to create truly inspiring work for our clients.


Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

I am generally known as Jiap, and I am the PA to the MD as well as the general factotum keeping the system running on a daily basis… and therefore a high-profile member of the team.

Apart from ensuring the boss is where he is supposed to be, on time and that his schedule and itinerary are confirmed, I also interface between Creative, Account Management and Production… not always with a smile! However, I find everyday is a new learning experience, which makes my job that much more challenging.


Director of Production & Administration and Partner

After working in a creative environment for the past 20 years and being in charge of the various levels of financial responsibility, administrational needs and production requirements I think I have seen it all!

Working at Shrimp Asia is very intense and not a day goes by without issues, situations and problems that need solving… that’s the thrill and challenge of working in a creative environment.

quote At Shrimp Asia we strive to continually develop exciting, differentiated and fresh new ideas… and have a bit of fun on the way.
Patrick Gauvain Managing Director, Shrimp Asia image

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