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We’re Looking for Great People

5. May '13


We are looking for signage designers who are experienced in the design and development of signage systems for large scale multi-purpose buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports and similar.

They should also have had experience in the planning, design development, management and consultancy on large scale signage projects, deal directly with clients and be able to negotiate with third party suppliers – following a project through from its inception to completion. Remuneration would be on a project by project basis, sharing a percentage of the profits of the project.

Interested parties should email to with a copy of their work experience. Fluent English is mandatory and Thai nationals are a preference.

We would like to engage a fluent English speaking (male or female; any nationality) individual for a number of months to edit, file and correlate a massive collection of 35mm/6×6 still photographic images on film that will need to be scanned into high resolution files to create a library. The person could possibly be a university student who would take on the work as a thesis in the summer months… but the project would take at least 6 months to one year to complete… so it could be done in two phases or as one continuous project. The monthly fee would be basic, but if the person is coming from overseas (UK, USA, etc.) then we would cover their travel to Thailand and accommodation during the course of the project. Fee would depend upon age and experience.

Interested parties should email to with a copy of their work experience.